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Learning online is an easy way to take a class. You have to give 4-6 hours a week of your time to do the work online on your own. You don;t have to get up so you can sleep in and you can sleep in and you can do the 4-6 hours all at once or little amounts at a time. But you hve to make a commitment to do the work your self. If a student that needs more help in class this probably isnt a good choice for you because there is no teach to help you. You also have to have Wi-fi  so you can be on a computer and do the work. You don't have to work everyday you can do it when ever you want. Like Moodle, moodle is a great website for learning and taking an online class. All you do is log in and choose and your activity. With Moodle you can take a class at home or in a classroom. Taking classes on is net very hard you just hacve to do the activities. In order to be successful online you have to be willing to give 4-6 hours of your time to do the class work and activities. 


Mrs. Jorae
10/29/2011 19:57

Congratulations you have earned $300.00 of virtual money. Add this to your Google Docs spreadsheet! Move on to the next activity!


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