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A personal network is a group of people with the same interests. We have networks of friends and networks of possibly people on teams. Online is something called a social network where you can invite people to "friend" you. These are Facebook, Myspace, and a Blog. I have a blog at school called Weebly. This is great because I can share what I am learning. I also use Facebook to talk to friends.

Things you need to remember to be safe in a social network. Only share information you want others to see and make sure you have your settings as private. Only have friends you personally know and trust as a "friend". Thing about what you post, it could hurt your chances to going to college. Remember that once it is posted it can never really be deleted, because once it is posted people can copy it.  Also, there are companies out there that collect data and information that may also make a copy. If it is embarrising, do not post it.
In Facebook set all settings to private and don't post personal information like you address, email or phone number for the world to see. Make sure you are a responsible user and you follow the age guildlines. On YouTube the age to visit the site is 13 or older. If you are posting something make sure it is appropriate and don't comment on peoples stuff with bad language. If you see something that you do not like, flag it and if you see words that are offensive then select HIDE OBJECTIONAL WORDS. You can also make posts private and create your own gallery. When gaming don't trash talk if  other are doing this then either ignore it, block it, or play later. You also need to be responsible when texting or sending pictures or video. Think before you post and also thing of the consequences. You have a choice of what is on the internet. Cyberbullying is mean. let someone know whenever you are bullied, r


Mrs. Jorae
10/19/2011 21:49

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