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I am sure just about everyone has heard of the emoticon. You know this happy little smiley face? :D Or this super angery face? >:( Or this kitty mouth? :3 All of these are emoticons. You use these when you are trying to say something that usually would be offensive, but is not ment to offend. E.x. You are such a geek. :p These are good for talking to friends, but not so good when talking to your boss or someone that isn't a friend you joke around with.

Here are 10 emoticons and the meanings.
:) = Happy
:( = Sad
>:( = Angery
>:) = Evil Happy Face
:3 = Happy Kitty Face
^_~ = Wink
:p = Sticking out Tounge
:'( = Crying Face
XD = Laughing Really Hard
XP = Dead with Tounge Out


Mrs. Jorae
11/13/2011 12:04

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