I am moving on in school and won't have basic computers anymore, which makes me sad. Since I won't have basic computers anymore, I won't be using this blog anymore either. So don't expect any thing new! I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn about computers, raise your typing speed, learn about photo editing ect. If I could change one thing about this class it would be the due dates. The due dates were a little too close together, making it hard to finish all the work. But it had some great advantages too, like raising my typing speed by 23 WPM. I used to type 31 WPM, but now I type 54! Another great thing is learning how to edit photos. If you read my digital imaging post, you know I made a tiger playing volley ball with the moon. Over all, this class was pretty fun. I would recommend it if you are willing to be dedicated to your work.


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