Problem: Can't get into internet
Solution: Turn off and on computer
Problem: Internet is slow
Soultuion: Call internet service
Problem: Blue screen
Solution: Turn off and on computer, this might mean the computer is too hot.
Problem: Laptop battery dies instantly
Solution: Change settings to power saver
Problem: Boot failure
Solution: Unplug and replug power cord
Problem: Black screen
Solution: Check cord going from monitor into tower box.
Problem: Can't remember password
Solution: Click the "Can't remember password?" button below password box
Problem: Mouse doesn't respond
Solution: Check if mouse if plugged in
Problem: Printer doesn't work
Solution: Check if it is plugged in
Problem: Can't hear sound
Solution: Check if speaksers are plugged in, if so check if computer is muted


Mrs. Jorae
11/18/2011 20:57

Congratulations! You have earned $300.00 of virtual money for your class budget! Add it to your spreadsheet and move on to the next activity!


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