A blast in a class, computers come to mind. Leaving it brings a tear to my eye. This class was one of my favorite computer classes. I was the most advanced and I thought it proved to be a challenge to me. The challenge made me a better problem solver, as did all the computer classes. I feel like computer classes are the only classes that don't just require remembering and forgetting information we will never use. Computer classes actually help with things that we will use. (Problem solving and such). So, summing it all up it was a good year in 8th grade. This advanced computers class made me think about the possibilities of using computers for a career. I'm sad to say goodbye, but happy to move on. I will be in the high school next year, and I will surely consider some computer classes.
In this project the goal is to destroy all the buildings. You see me controlling a dump truck. I used the arrow keys to move the dump truck. Once a building is destroyed, a flame is omitted. There is no reward for winning, sorry.
In this project I learned to make fish move back and forth so it looks like they are swimming.
In this project I learned how to use functions.
In this project I made planes and barns take off, land, and hover.
This project shows my incredible ability to have the control of kangaroos and my ability to make variables.
In this project I learned how to use the opacity tool. I made a duck appear. 
In this project I learned how to use the he/she builder and make the characters do actions of many sorts.

In this project I made a character with the he/she builder and opened a door.
In this project I made schools talk, and I made a duck in a boat. The duck was really hard to get into the boat, when it moved the duck always fell off! But I fixed it with my incredible problem solving.
    Total Points: 1475