This class has been once heck of an experience, I have learned to use my brain in ways that I never have before! Problem solving was never my favorite thing, but this class helped me adapt. I've had lots of fun using my imagination to create some wicked things on Sketchup. My favorite thing was the dream house. I puts all your creativity at work to start from nothing and create a huge project. I will definatly looking into more computer classes in high school, and maybe even college. Once again, it's been a great experience in this class, and I really enjoyed it.


A playground I made in sketchup. It is all to a realistic scale. The Slide is 6' 8", the rock wall is about 7' ect. All measurements are below. I have some added elements that are not made by me. The trees, bench and gazibo. The trees are made by Jose Manuel. The gazibo is by icanttellyoumynickname and the bench is by sketchup.
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A televison I made in Sketchup. 
A helium atom (Not to Scale)