I am moving on in school and won't have basic computers anymore, which makes me sad. Since I won't have basic computers anymore, I won't be using this blog anymore either. So don't expect any thing new! I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn about computers, raise your typing speed, learn about photo editing ect. If I could change one thing about this class it would be the due dates. The due dates were a little too close together, making it hard to finish all the work. But it had some great advantages too, like raising my typing speed by 23 WPM. I used to type 31 WPM, but now I type 54! Another great thing is learning how to edit photos. If you read my digital imaging post, you know I made a tiger playing volley ball with the moon. Over all, this class was pretty fun. I would recommend it if you are willing to be dedicated to your work.
Problem: Can't get into internet
Solution: Turn off and on computer
Problem: Internet is slow
Soultuion: Call internet service
Problem: Blue screen
Solution: Turn off and on computer, this might mean the computer is too hot.
Problem: Laptop battery dies instantly
Solution: Change settings to power saver
Problem: Boot failure
Solution: Unplug and replug power cord
Problem: Black screen
Solution: Check cord going from monitor into tower box.
Problem: Can't remember password
Solution: Click the "Can't remember password?" button below password box
Problem: Mouse doesn't respond
Solution: Check if mouse if plugged in
Problem: Printer doesn't work
Solution: Check if it is plugged in
Problem: Can't hear sound
Solution: Check if speaksers are plugged in, if so check if computer is muted



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I am sure just about everyone has heard of the emoticon. You know this happy little smiley face? :D Or this super angery face? >:( Or this kitty mouth? :3 All of these are emoticons. You use these when you are trying to say something that usually would be offensive, but is not ment to offend. E.x. You are such a geek. :p These are good for talking to friends, but not so good when talking to your boss or someone that isn't a friend you joke around with.

Here are 10 emoticons and the meanings.
:) = Happy
:( = Sad
>:( = Angery
>:) = Evil Happy Face
:3 = Happy Kitty Face
^_~ = Wink
:p = Sticking out Tounge
:'( = Crying Face
XD = Laughing Really Hard
XP = Dead with Tounge Out
Inernet safty is VERY important. Internet safty is where you are safe on the internet. Some guildlines you could take are: Don't give out your passwords, EVER!! Only tell another person the information you feel comfortable giving. Don't add people on Facebook that you don't know, and last but not least...USE COMMON SENSE!

Being safe on the internet is really important. But don't worry, it's easy! All you have to do is have your parents moniter what you do online. I am a kid with a computer and I know that this may seem childish, but being safe on the internet is way more important! 

Another thing you MUST do is keep your identity safe. You can do this by not giving out any passwords, credit card numbers, or anything of that sort. Keeping this safe is very important because if you don't it can mess up your life BIG TIME. People can steal your personal info and buy stuff with your credit cards! So you must keep all your information safe so you don't flush your life down the toliet.
Cat taken by Joell Wilkins
Cyber bullying is  where someone bullies another person via internet or text message. Cyber bullying is really a stupid idea, because the person you sent it to can save the message and show their parents, police, or teachers. Cyber bullying also is just like real life bullying, because it can hurt a person emotionally. Also you know what they say: "if you wouldn't say it in person, why say it online?"
Moon by Tim Powers, tiger by Brian R. Page
Digital Imaging is a way to create an image that looks real, but is just edited in a photo editing program. When photo editing, it is illigal to make an image that looks real and claim it is real, even though it is really fake. The picture above is an example of photo editing. It is a photo I made of a tiger playing Volley Ball with the moon!
    A digital footprint is a footprint you leave behind online. You leave a digital Footprint on every website you go to. It is a trail of your online activity. An additional footprint is created every time you access the internet, send a text, play an online video game, or play on a cellphone.

    If someone had to get information using only the things you typed in, viewed and accessed; what would they think of you? If it were me people would know I like social networks and gaming sites.
A visual organizer is a map that helps you better understand one topic by spreading the topic into different categories. These organizers can be useful for school and work because they can help you understand one specific topic. Example: If you were deciding what rides to ride at Cedar Point, you could use the Visual Organizer above to help you choose. If you want a water ride, you could choose from one or more of the three options. 
Photo by Jennifer Jenson
A personal network is a group of people with the same interests. We have networks of friends and networks of possibly people on teams. Online is something called a social network where you can invite people to "friend" you. These are Facebook, Myspace, and a Blog. I have a blog at school called Weebly. This is great because I can share what I am learning. I also use Facebook to talk to friends.

Things you need to remember to be safe in a social network. Only share information you want others to see and make sure you have your settings as private. Only have friends you personally know and trust as a "friend". Thing about what you post, it could hurt your chances to going to college. Remember that once it is posted it can never really be deleted, because once it is posted people can copy it.  Also, there are companies out there that collect data and information that may also make a copy. If it is embarrising, do not post it.
In Facebook set all settings to private and don't post personal information like you address, email or phone number for the world to see. Make sure you are a responsible user and you follow the age guildlines. On YouTube the age to visit the site is 13 or older. If you are posting something make sure it is appropriate and don't comment on peoples stuff with bad language. If you see something that you do not like, flag it and if you see words that are offensive then select HIDE OBJECTIONAL WORDS. You can also make posts private and create your own gallery. When gaming don't trash talk if  other are doing this then either ignore it, block it, or play later. You also need to be responsible when texting or sending pictures or video. Think before you post and also thing of the consequences. You have a choice of what is on the internet. Cyberbullying is mean. let someone know whenever you are bullied, r

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Photo by Lola Nicols
Learning online is an easy way to take a class. You have to give 4-6 hours a week of your time to do the work online on your own. You don;t have to get up so you can sleep in and you can sleep in and you can do the 4-6 hours all at once or little amounts at a time. But you hve to make a commitment to do the work your self. If a student that needs more help in class this probably isnt a good choice for you because there is no teach to help you. You also have to have Wi-fi  so you can be on a computer and do the work. You don't have to work everyday you can do it when ever you want. Like Moodle, moodle is a great website for learning and taking an online class. All you do is log in and choose and your activity. With Moodle you can take a class at home or in a classroom. Taking classes on is net very hard you just hacve to do the activities. In order to be successful online you have to be willing to give 4-6 hours of your time to do the class work and activities.